Jamie Shawver

My pack consists of:

Me, my plants, & whatever foster dog I have at the moment.

My role with EC is:

I am one of EC’s VPs. Volunteering at events is my favorite role I have with EC- I absolutely love getting to go out into the St. Louis community and talk to new people about our mission and what we do.

My paid gig is:

I am a middle school special education teacher.

My strengths are:

I am an expert organizer and cleaner. If I couldn’t be a teacher, I would become a professional organizer. My students say I am a good multi-tasker… I wouldn’t agree.

My weaknesses are:

I listen to way too many crime podcasts & way too much Girls Gotta Eat. My students say that being a vegetarian & being over passionate about things are my two weaknesses.

If I had any free time I would:

Spend it hiking & exploring new places. OR my dream is to create a way to connect my two passions- pit bulls & working with kids with special needs… so if I had free time, I would spend it creating a plan to make that happen.