Jessi McNamara

My pack consists of:

My 24-year-old daughter, Jasmine; my 9-year-old daughter Ava; and my 5-pack of pit bulls Zephyr, Luna, Punk, Simon and Solo.

My role with EC is:

I run the day-to-day operations of EC, focusing on providing outreach, communication, education, and resources to our widespread pit bull network. I am the director of marketing and design. I am a liaison between the rescues, fosters and local shelters. And I am an expert foster, providing our new dogs proper decompression as well as fostering our dogs that need extra time, training, and socialization before they are ready to be adopted.

My paid gig is:

I am an Associate Creative Director for Nestle Purina.

My strengths are:

Mispronouncing the English language and misusing idioms (and yes, English is my first and only language), noticing and obsessing over ridiculously small details that probably only matter to me.

My weaknesses are:

Starbucks, California, cilantro, dill, all Mexican food, and of course game dogs

If I had any free time I would:

Travel with my dogs, experience nature, and take as many pictures as possible of everything we experience.