Even Chance restores a positive public image of pit bulls by: Educating families about responsible pit bull ownership; Supporting bite-prevention education; Conducting school and community events; Promoting positive media outreach; Working to eliminate BSL legislation;Partnering with dog training programs; Supporting pit bull owners who train breed ambassadors.
Even Chance recommends trainers, homeowners insurance, pit bull friendly housing, daycare & boarding options, food and nutrition advice, toys and exercise equipment, veterinarians, and educational materials to pit bull owners. Through donations, we provide financial aid for training, spay/neuter, vaccine, and microchip procedures.
To help alleviate the stress of overcrowding in shelters we rescue and place pit bulls (and pit mixes) into foster homes while the dogs await adoption. We include dogs suffering from injuries, illness and kennel stress, as well as dogs rescued from inhumane situations. All dogs are temperament tested and examined by a veterinarian before they enter our adoption program.